Computer Requirements

Depending on your measuring devices, CAD model file sizes, and applications, we recommend certain CPU, RAM, and operating system specifications to optimize your 3D inspection experience. Check out our Minimum and Recommended computer system setups

3D Measurement Device and File Format Compatibility

PolyWorks|Modeler allows you to operate any portable and fixed coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for probing and scanning applications. These include articulated arms, manual CMMs, laser line and structured light scanners, laser trackers, handheld optically tracked devices, photogrammetry-based devices, digital gauges, and more. See the complete list of available device plug-ins

PolyWorks|Modeler lets you import and export to the standard formats of polygonal model files. See the complete list of supported formats.

PolyWorks|Modeler lets you extract optimal CAD entities—curves, surfaces, parametric sketches, and prismatic features—from polygonal models of digitized parts to serve as the starting point in your professional CAD modeling solution.

NURBS surfaces can be exported to IGES, JT, and STEP file formats.

Sketches can be exported to PWSF or IGES file formats. Sketches in the PWSF format, containing their relational and dimensional constraints, can be imported in several CAD software using an add-in provided by InnovMetric Software. See the complete list of sketch import add-ins. IGES is a universal format that does not require an add-in, but it also doesn’t retain relational or dimensional constraints; these must be added manually for each imported sketch in the CAD modeling software.

In typical reverse-engineering scenarios, you have polygonal models obtained from scans of the digitized part. In addition, you can import geometric entities probed using PolyWorks|Inspector™ for use in editing operations on polygonal models and NURBS surfaces.

PolyWorks|Modeler lets you import IGES and STEP CAD files.

Technical Support

Your newly purchased PolyWorks|Modeler license includes one year of support/maintenance. For more information, read about our support/maintenance plan.

If your PolyWorks|Modeler license is under a valid support/maintenance plan, you can access MyPolyWorks online hub. You’ll need a corporate email address and a password that you will choose. If your company has specified your email address at purchasing time, you should be able to join MyPolyWorks right away. Log in here.

To provide access to MyPolyWorks to additional PolyWorks® users within your company, contact keys@innovmetric.com.

It takes a few minutes to activate your support/maintenance plan. Try again in an hour. If you are still unable to access MyPolyWorks, contact us at keys@innovmetric.com.

You will receive an email explaining how to renew your support/maintenance plan prior to it expiring. To request a quotation, or if you need additional information, contact us at renewals@innovmetric.com.


A basic training session is available in a classroom or private setting. Here is the training session outline.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly that contains complete information on your training as well as how to prepare for your training session. If you still have questions, contact us at training@innovmetric.com.